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The Leaked ZELDA Timeline

Below is the timeline that has supposedly been leaked from the Hyrule Historia book. As you can see it is quite different than what many people expected with there being 3 different time-lines branching off of Ocarina of Time.

Main Timeline

1. Skyward Sword
2. Minish Cap
3. Four Swords
4. Ocarina Of Time

Split 1: Link defeats Ganon – childhood branch

a) Majora’s Mask
b) Twilight Princess
c) Four Swords Adventures

Split 2: Link defeats Ganon – adult branch

a) Wind Waker
b) Phantom Hourglass
c) Spirit Tracks

Split 3: Link fails in Ocarina Of Time

a) A Link To The Past
b) Oracles
c) Link’s Awakening
d) The Legend Of Zelda
e) The Legend Of Zelda II

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